Artist, musician, writer, weirdo: Foxine Jay is a feral creator born and raised in Portland Maine, now residing in San Diego California.  In addition to psychedelic imagery, she blogs about mindfulness and female empowerment, paints, writes songs, crafts, embellishes sunglasses and jewelry for her Etsy store and has an 8 year in the making photo series of her feet (Feral Fox Feet).

Inspired the colors and textures of plants, some of her pieces utilizes real flowers. Equally moved by peeling paint on decaying buildings, she draws from the oddly beautiful world around her. 

As a musician, she's a drummer, keyboardist and vocalist whose been playing in bands for the last 10 years in groups such as Mermaid, The Very, Marco Polo, Wild Wild Wets and Soft Lions. Listen to music she's recorded throughout the years on soundcloud.

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