Portugal: the first thing you notice aside from the blush tones that paint the streets are the groups of chicas hanging out together...

You spot the cliques of girls at every cafe, park, bar and corner. It was pretty powerful to see they can have all the fun without any boys around. No joke my husband asked " were all the dudes at" (not that he was complaining lol) 

The population in Lisbon is legit mostly female! At least it felt that way ... our Airbnb host, uber driver, and waitress were all lovely hardworking woman who gave us amazing tips! Even the men were gentlemen and literally gentle. So soft spoken def take after feminine mannerisms. This sets the calmness and safeness of the town. Trust me the town is dripping in romance. No wonder I'm in love with Lisboa! 



Suggestions & tips

  • The fresh seafood is amazing must try portugués plate  BACALHAU A BRAS
    • Swordfish and shredded papas yum 
  • Pastel de nata con un café con leche! It's more of a dessert but you can get both of these anywhere & at any time of the day 
  • Sangria, do it. Anywhere really. They get it right! 
  • Bairro Alto is the hip neighborhood. Lovely colorful dive bars lined up! 
  • Alfama is the oldest, most charming area 
  • Ride the electric carts anywhere, get lost!
  • If you can Sintra is a fairytale MUST. About 1-hour train ride away! Castles,  mystical wells, and magical waterfalls. Unreal. 
  • Find the street art, it's hidden but worth it! 
  • We used Uber a lot! Affordable €3/2 rides! They take it really serious there!
    • We got some of the best tips from our kind drivers! 
  • Take a selfie with the millions of colorful azulejos (tiles) that surround literally every building! Beautiful vintage tiling !! 
  • I used a lot of my Spanish, somewhat similar to Portuguese :)
  • Turn on the radio fado music is amazing! 
  • Hit up Caiscais beach 
  • Ask the locals ! They take pride in their history and country and are happy to help & answer any of your questions!! 
  • If you don't drink coffee this is not the city for you! 
  • Pensao Amor the coolest sexiest bar by far 
    • Have their mojito!