Sadah started belly dancing at the age of 8 years old due to her second grade teacher, a gypsy woman with long blonde mermaid hair down to her waist. This beautiful woman also introduced her to collage work and poetry writing. 

Her first poem ever written titled "Love", won first place in her schools literary anthology in 1996. She later got into music, skate boarding, and fashion which lead her into other forms of artistic expression. She spent most of her free time and money going to every live show possible.

 Straight out of High school she went to the University of Texas in El Paso to study Art, but later changed her major to Dance Education. During these years she was introduced to the world of contemporary dance,classical ballet, and flamenco. She grew to love contact improv, site specific work, and collaborative improvisation of all types. She also began to choreograph many performance pieces such as "The Universe decides what my mind and heart cannot" and "Orchestra of Bodies" 

After graduating, Sadah was accepted as an apprentice for an Aerial/Contemporary dance company in Las Cruces, New Mexico called Project In Motion. She trained for over a year and performed with the company "The Palace at 4am" a piece inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti's , at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 

Now that she has been out of school for some years and has had some time to travel and to grow from the inside out, she is experimenting more with music and performance art and hopes to have a deeper purpose in her work. Her most recent work was with one of her best friends Danielle McDaniel who she became close with while working on these pieces. These videos were all inspired by poems written by Danielle on the subject of anger and the scars it can leave behind.

Sadah Luna in "Alma Avira". 

Written and Directed by Kyle Kauwika Harris. A somber woman awaits the return of her husband who is away at war.