When i first moved to austin, tx back in june...

I performed at an underground event. Pictures and video recording were prohibited. I did a dance performance to Jack Garrett - The Love You're Given. I started in a white gown and robe (pure) covered in an all black sheer fabric (naive) and was holding a red rose (love).

It represented giving yourself in raw form to a lover.

Unfortunately, sometimes lovers will accept your body (sex) but not your Love (heart). Their ego and/or fear get in the way. You try to; or actually give and give and they either take and take, or manipulate and leave you broken into pieces. You either plead to let the love bloom or rest so you can save all from heartache. This piece shows how Love is a whirlwind of emotions (or sometimes lack thereof) and will make you do "crazy" things due to feeding the ego, manipulation, emotional/mental/physical abuse, silence, abandonment, trauma, etc. I had to symbolize these things through dancing and acting.


I've been trying to give you my love, but you won't let me. I've been trying to give you some space, but you won't let me. I've been trying to save you the trouble but you won't let me, I've been trying to give you my love. I promise if you're gonna lock me out

I will stand as your ghost
If you take the love you're given

I will leave you alone

Throughout the entire song, I had a small bag filled with fake blood that was taped to my right palm. I secured the bag's placement with the white laced glove I wore. When the breakdown happened (@ 3:48), I had slammed the small bag to my heart.

Alas, in some cases, ones who love someone who rejects, abuses, abandons, etc. may feel disoriented, depressed, or even worse- suicidal.

When the song slows down towards the end, I represented those who found self love by realizing all the blood (pain) their supposed lover has caused.

Then, finding their own warmth (love) by giving themselves their rawest Form.