Victoria Martinez, 20, Mexicana


We had the opportunity to watch On Strawberries and Women by Victoria Martinez at the experimental art screening #theotherness in San Diego, Ca. At 20 yrs old, Martinez has a series of films you can find on her YouTube account, along with a selection of photography on her Instagram. 

I’ve been making art all of my life. I write, film, photograph, paint, sculpt, and style. My art revolves around the themes of young adults, liberalism, freedom, feminism, and the study of colors. I strive to create things that have not been explored.

Her film "explores the visual concepts of feminity, as it is overall portrayed as a ritual that is performed rather than carried out." explains Martinez.

Similar to her photography and fashion styling, On Strawberries and Women is heavily inspired by color, and abstract to interpretation. You can catch the premiere of the feature short-film on September 15th at the Color Theory Club II: 1st Screening at 7 p.m. and 2nd Screening at 8:30 p.m.